We are now officially on Stitcher.com

In an effort to spread the word far and wide, I’m looking at different podcast hosts, aggregators and feeds to figure out the optimal mix. Stitcher.com has recently confirmed, and I’m hoping to get the iTunes store up and running before the next episode. In the meantime, go on to Stitcher.com and rate or comment on the show!

See the show page here.

Thanks, and keep building.


Just added a great new feature!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a great new feature for the blog and future podcasts. Your voice can now be heard on the MOC cast, courtesy of SpeakPipe!

Click the link to Send me a voice message, and you will be taken to SpeakPipe to record your message. All you need is a computer and a microphone. It will even work on your mobile device!

So drop me a line, ask a question, and you could be featured on the next podcast.

photo credit: Jordon via photopin cc

Huge score for the MOC cast!

Busy times … I’ve lined up my first interview this past week, and it is going to be epic! You will not believe the accomplishments of our guest, and the stunning creations he has brought into existence. As the release date gets closer, I will drop a few more hints as to his identity, but be sure to tune in to download the first episode on November 4.

Now, the format of the interview doesn’t quite match up with an audio podcast, as we were unable to connect for a number of reasons, but we did get a chance to have an email exchange that I will share with you on the podcast and the full transcript right here on the blog.

First MOC cast coming November 4, 2014

After many nights searching for the best LEGO podcast, I have finally given up. I’ve decided to build my own podcast to discuss my love of building original creations, without instructions, and sharing them with the world. By no means am I an expert, but I will endevour to find them and bring their insights to you.

As I am in the developing stages of the podcast, any and all constructive criticism, suggestions, story ideas and good vibes are welcome.