Skull and candle by Tom Remy

Episode 3: Playability

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the MOC cast! I hope your holidays were as fun and productive as mine. I had only one or two days of no LEGO building, but I definitely got my fill, along with a few new sets to stoke the creative fires. Many MOCs were considered, built, reconsidered, demolished, and built again.

Speaking of building, we’re building a bit of a library of podcasts. Episode 3 is up, where we take a look at the playability of our MOCs, discuss some creative ways to find more time to build, and talk to Tom Remy, a LEGO Artist from France who talks to us about the creative challenges LEGO bricks allow us to overcome.

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PS: To see some of the great stuff we discuss, visit some of the links and resources below.

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Happy Holidays from the MOC cast

Happy Holidays from the MOC cast!

A heartfelt and sincere season’s greetings to everyone in the LEGO universe (especially those who have taken the time to download an episode or two, and that goes double for anyone who has let a fellow LEGO fan know about it)!

The holidays are also a great time to catch up with your unfinished LEGO MOCs, so if you need inspiration, why not have a browse of some of the resources associated with each episode. They’re a great jumping off point for your creative endeavours.

If you’d like to create your own holiday message, head over to!

You’ll hear from me again on January 6, 2015. Until then, happy holidays, thank you, and keep building.