the MOC cast

Episode 1: Structural Integrity

Here it is. The long awaited launch of the MOC cast ever since I announced it about a month ago.

Structural integrity is about the safe design and assessment of components and structures under load, and is an important consideration in real world engineering design. In the first MOC cast, I’ll take a look at what you can do to ruggedize your MOCs, describe some awesome examples, chat with renowned MOC artist Jordan R Schwartz, and more!

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This is truly a labour of love, so please be gentle, but I do want to hear all the constructive criticism that is so prevalent on the internet these days. So, use any and all the feedback tools on this site, including email, comments, likes, tweets, share it with your network, and so on.

Above all, enjoy.

PS: Here are some references to stuff I talk about on the show, and don’t forget to explore the show’s digital footprint on the left. Thanks!

Jordan R Schwartz (aka Sir Nadroj)

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